Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

Gardening In The Area Narrow : Techniques Gardening Tips

Not all people have a land of vast. But this is not an obstacle to do gardening activity. Gardening can be done despite a narrow in the area. These are some tips to be able to be gardening with a narrow land.

Tips first so that we can do gardening on the land whose narrow, it would be better if we choose the kind of plants that could grow quickly, and also select plants a small one. Because plants that require a small area of a narrow, don't force to grow crops. Big crops will require area of a wider public.

By using a sound-dresser vertical will help reduce the need of land, for planting medium in the form on stilts. Or with pot that depends on. Some people have used this technique to decorate their window with many rate cut. Flowers grow around their window, although window is on the upper level.

Techniques for gardening on the land that we can use is to plant crops in pots. Hidroponik technique also can use to save use of the land to plant. In addition, technical vertikultur can use for gardening on the land that narrow. Thank you.

Senin, 12 Januari 2015

Gardening, hobby fun and make money.

Gardening is an activity that is favored by many people, though gardening is a job, but for some people gardening is a hobby. The people are happy with the gardening, seeing treated plants become large, grow and will give pleasure for her.

One for self pleasure techniques is to conduct a preferred hobby, so for people who have a hobby of gardening, gardening activities will make her feel happy and unhappy.

Gardening is an activity other than as a hobby, gardening can be a professional job that can earn a lot of money. We can sell our plantation. Many people need our plantation crops. Therefore, gardening is one hobby that can make a lot of money.

To do gardening activities, of course, we need land to be used as a place to plant crops. We also have to take care of these plants to fertilize and compete with the existing lawn. Many options will we plant plants in our plantations. and of course we also need to know about how to grow plants that we want to plant. But if we have a hobby to gardening, I think learning about the plants is in fact not a problem for gardening.